Asserting Your Rights And Protecting Your Future

Hire A Boise Big Game Lawyer To Defend Hunting Violations

Perhaps the last thing you expect to happen on your next hunting trip in Idaho is for the authorities to charge you with a crime, but it happens all the time. If you are accused of violating one of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game’s (IDFG) regulations while big-game hunting in the state, advice and representation from an experienced defense attorney could be needed to preserve your hunting privileges, avoid fines, or even jail time.

As a hunter himself, our attorney, Jared B. Martens, understands how easy it is to make a mistake and end up charged with a big game violation. He will defend you vigorously against charges from the IDFG and work to preserve your hunting privileges and rights regarding firearms.

Frequent Examples Of Hunting Violations

Some of the most common violations that big game hunters face include:

  • There is no evidence of sex attached to the carcass, the largest portion of meat or hide
  • Hunting/taking animals out of season
  • Purchasing the wrong class license, often a non-Idaho resident purchasing a state resident license
  • Trespassing on private property
  • Failure to properly tag or attach a tag to a hunted animal

Being ticketed for a violation does not mean you are guilty. Every case is different, and our lawyer carefully reviews the facts to shape his defense strategy. In many cases, he can get the charges dismissed due to lack of evidence or illegal police procedure. Other times, he will press for a reasonable settlement that reduces the charges – and possible penalties – against you. Working with our firm can save you a great deal of time and money dealing with your case.

Talk About Your Case With A Big Game Violations Defense Lawyer

We represent clients in Boise and across Ada County. For a free initial consultation, contact Martens Law Office, P.C., at 208-435-1132. Our attorney will discuss your hunting charges with you and answer your questions.