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Experienced, Affordable Criminal Defense For Boise Area College Students

The Boise area is home to a number of prestigious colleges and universities, both public and private. Our attorney, Jared B. Martens, is a beneficiary of Idaho’s fine education system, earning his B.A. from Boise State University in the 1990s.

Having so many college students in one area presents a lot of great opportunities as well as some challenges. Unfortunately, many college students find themselves facing criminal charges for activities that are common yet illegal. If you or your college-aged child have been charged with a crime, the firm to call for help is Martens Law Office, P.C.. We offer skilled, affordable criminal defense representation backed by more than two decades of legal experience.

Ready To Defend Students Accused Of An Array Of Offenses

Criminal charges among college students commonly involve things like:

Your (or your child’s) defense begins with a frank assessment of the charges and the evidence. From there, Mr. Martens can explain your legal options and the likely outcome of each option.

We Fight Hard Because We Know A Young Person’s Future Is At Stake

Criminal charges typically come with the threat of incarceration and fines. But for many college students, a conviction could mean loss of scholarships or student aid, expulsion and loss of future job opportunities. That is too high a price for the mistakes of youth.

Knowing what’s at stake, Mr. Martens works tirelessly to find the right resolution for each client. If it is possible to secure acquittal or to get the charges dropped, that will be the top priority. If not, he will seek the least harmful alternatives, such as withheld judgment. The options available will depend on the unique details of each case, but you can count on attorney Martens to advocate for the most favorable outcome available.

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