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Charged With Poaching In Idaho? Seek Experienced Defense Representation Right Away.

Most hunters and fishers across Idaho are concerned with conservation and fair play. They obey the state’s hunting laws and the regulations set forth by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) because they want to protect animal and fish populations for generations to come. They also realize that when others engage in poaching, it means their own hunting and fishing opportunities become limited.

At Martens Law Office, P.C., we understand and agree with these concerns. Our founding attorney, Jared B. Martens, is a dedicated hunter and fisherman. At the same time, we believe that everyone accused of a crime like poaching deserves legal representation and is considered innocent until proven guilty. If you find yourself facing charges, contact our firm today to tell us your story and learn about your legal options.

Poaching Is Not Always Intentional Or Malicious

To be sure, there are some hunters and fishers who simply take what they want and don’t care about following the rules. However, not all poaching cases are so cut and dried. The simplest definition of poaching is killing game animals or fish illegally. Under that definition, any of the following could be considered poaching:

While these actions violate laws and go against the spirit of animal conservation, some can and do happen by accident. Sometimes, incidents are misreported by other well-meaning hunters who thought they saw something illegal.

Regardless of why you’ve been charged with poaching, it is critical to seek the help of an experienced defense attorney like Mr. Martens. He will examine the details of your case to help clear your name and protect your hunting and fishing privileges.

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