Asserting Your Rights And Protecting Your Future

Juvenile Defense

Prosecutors pursue violent crime charges with particular zeal. If convicted, you face a strong probability of a jail sentence. You need an aggressive and experienced criminal defense lawyer to defend your rights.

Our attorney, Jared B. Martens, fights for the rights and freedom of people accused of violent crimes. Contact Martens Law Office, P.C., to schedule a free initial consultation.

Protecting Clients’ Rights In Violent Crime Cases

Defense attorney Jared Martens is aggressive and detailed-orientated. He carefully reviews the evidence to determine if any facts were overlooked by the police, whether the defendant’s rights were violated, and whether the charges are in line with the underlying facts of the case.

His hands-on approach helps him mount an aggressive defense for clients facing violent crime allegations, such as:

Jared Martens believes that an active and involved client can help strengthen his or her own defense. He keeps clients informed of all important developments in their cases and makes sure they always understand their options.

An Idaho Domestic Violence Conviction Can Affect Your Child Custody Rights

A domestic violence conviction can cause you to lose your child custody and visitation rights. Or, you may face restrictions such as the requirement of supervised visits. All too often, however, a divorce or domestic dispute results in an arrest for domestic violence – sometimes in an attempt to impact child custody or visitation.

The assertive defense provided by our lawyer at Martens Law Office, P.C., can save your visitation and custody rights. Jared Martens is an experienced attorney who defends clients accused of domestic abuse charges and fights to retain the visitation rights of his clients.

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