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Assault And Battery

You may have just been standing nearby when a bar fight broke out – and were then arrested along with everyone else in the area. You may have been defending yourself against an attack. You may have made a poor decision.

Whatever the circumstances surrounding an incident, if you are charged with assault and/or battery or any other violent crime, the long-term consequences can be serious – including probation, jail, hefty fines and a permanent criminal record which can jeopardize future employment and your right to carry and own a firearm.

It is important to take the situation seriously early on and present an aggressive defense. Contact our firm, Martens Law Office, P.C., now to schedule an initial consultation with a lawyer.

Assault And Battery – Broad Legal Terms

Assault is a broad term that includes any threatening action or attempt to injure a person. Battery refers to any unwanted touching. A simple family dispute may result in charges of domestic violence or worse yet, an overblown charge of attempted strangulation.

Attorney Jared B. Martens has aggressively defended people accused of assault and/or battery in a wide variety of situations. In one case, for example, a motorcyclist charged a man on a bicycle with assault for allegedly hitting him.

Mr. Martens is well prepared to carefully review the evidence obtained against clients for factual, legal, or charging errors. He uses a hands-on approach to build a powerful defense for each client. Even in situations where it may appear that there is no valid defense, it is important to hire an attorney to assist in damage control.

Building A Powerful Defense Against An Assault Charge

Attorney Martens fights hard to get charges dismissed or reduced. Few of the law firm’s clients have spent time in jail for a first offense. In some cases, for example, he has been able to negotiate reductions in aggravated assault charges down to simple assault or even disturbing the peace.

Mr. Martens will question witnesses, assemble evidence and force the prosecutor to prove every aspect of the state’s case beyond a reasonable doubt. Whatever the outcome of your case, he can explore the possibility of expungement, dismissal by way of a withheld judgment, or having your criminal record sealed from public view.

Idaho Specific Laws

In Idaho, the definitions and penalties for assault and/or battery are set out in Idaho Code §18-901 through Idaho Code §18-923. Depending upon the severity of the assault and/or battery the penalties range from a maximum of 3 months in county jail and maximum of a $1,000 fine for a misdemeanor assault charge all the way up to a $5,000 fine and a maximum 25-year sentence in the Idaho State Prison for an assault or battery on certain personnel.

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